Tuesday, 16 January 2018

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AN INTENSE THRILLER Link: A STANDALONE suspense story of the BESTSELLING series—The Vikram Rana Mysteries

Friday, 15 December 2017

Behind the Scenes is #1 in Amazon Best Sellers - Romantic Category Section. I could not have asked for a better Birthday Gift.Thank you dear readers for making this possible. 

Saturday, 9 December 2017

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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Hello Reader,

As you might be knowing, my latest work, Behind the Scenes  has been published in Amazon. Going by ratings, the people who have read the book, have loved it. I am honoured.

If you read the book and like it, then please spread the word. That is the only way I can reach out to more people. Please help and support me if you like my work :-)

Behind the Scenes is a book about love, and the desire to find inner peace. It is a book about break ups and departures, love that resembles obsession and that deep, transformative power of true love. Spiced up with suspense , I am sure that you will find this book to be entertaining.

The book is set in Darjeeling and Kolkata and is a special tribute to the "City of Joy” and it's wonderful people as well.

Personally, I feel that this is my best work so far.

The link to Amazon is :

Please give it a rating in Amazon and Goodreads if you love the book. The link to the amazon review page is:

For Goodreads, anyway you will be asked to give a rating when you finish reading the e-book so don't forget that please :-)

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Friday, 24 November 2017

Behind the Scenes - An intense romantic suspense story

#India #Romance#RomanticSuspense#Passion#Bestseller#KindleUnlimited#VikramRana#VikramRanaMysterySeries
#India #Romance#RomanticSuspense#Passion#Bestseller#KindleUnlimited
#Amazon Link: mybook.to/Behindthescenes
A STANDALONE suspense story of the BESTSELLING series—The Vikram Rana Mysteries
#Blurb: Fading superstar of the Bengali film industry Ryan Gomez is poisoned to death while shooting for a film in the pretty hill town of Darjeeling. Sheila Dhar, the film’s beautiful female lead with whom Ryan had recently broken his engagement is the chief suspect. Sheila attempts suicide and is shifted to a hospital in Kolkata for treatment. The CID, Kolkata, takes over the investigation and the film crew is allowed to move back to the “City of Joy”.
Though revenge for the broken engagement seems the obvious motive for the murder, there are several others who had reason to wish Ryan dead. Powerful film producer Rustom, the love of whose life ended up becoming Ryan’s first wife. Screenplay writer Allan, who was in danger of being fired from the production house thanks to a public tiff with Ryan. Acclaimed film director Paddy, who was in love with Sheila. Sheila’s mother, Jaya, who was strongly opposed to her marrying Ryan. The family of Ryan’s first wife, who bear a deep grudge against him.
There are suspects galore, but the murderer has not reckoned with the tenacity of Vikram Rana.
The shooting was taking place in a large bungalow called ‘The Forest View House’, located on Nehru Road. It was a huge, red-tiled wooden bungalow, surrounded by beautiful gardens. Beyond the garden was a forest of ferns, birches, orchids, oaks, chestnuts and firs. Visible in the background were the tall, majestic mountains. One could see the Kanchenjunga in the north, glinting silver in the midmorning. One couldn’t help but appreciate the aesthetic sense of the person who had designed the bungalow. It was beautiful.
Veena said, ‘This is the hero Dinesh Kumar’s house. His real name is Ryan Gomez. He inherited this house after his wife, Sophia’s death.’
‘Oh. You are a walking encyclopedia of the Bengali film industry!’ Vikram said.
‘I do keep track of happenings, because Sheila is a part of this industry.’
Before Vikram could respond, they heard footsteps coming to the drawing room where they were seated.
Sheila came in with her mother. She was elaborately made up. She probably had been getting ready for the shoot. Jaya said, ‘Look, Sheila! See who’s come to visit you.’